We believe that every child deserves a good life, and that each of their lives is a precious gift


Our Lady Of Kibeho Orphanage Foundation empowers vulnerable orphans in Uganda — most of whose parents have died as a result of AIDS. Incorporated as a society in Alberta, Canada and registered as a charity with the Canada Revenue Agency, we provide the necessities of life: access to education, medical supplies, shelter, food, water, and clothing.

Growing a Brighter Future from the Seeds of Hope

  • The foundation is dedicated to drawing attention to the plight of orphans and giving them hope.
  • We put a strong emphasis on providing the basic needs of life and education to uplift not only orphaned children, but society in Uganda – one of the 25 poorest countries in the world.



The mission of the Foundation is to provide basic necessities of life and advance education for orphans and other impoverished youth. These basic needs include but are not limited to basic social services, formal education, and culturally appropriate life skills that will create a safe and nurturing environment, provide literacy and numeracy, and develop social and leadership skills towards a self-reliant and empowered lifestyle.


Educate and empower orphans and youth in Uganda.

— To relieve poverty in developing nations we provide:

  • Basic necessities of life, including food, clean water, medical supplies, and clothing to orphans and other youth who are in need.
  • Housing, domestic care, support, and incidental facilities to orphans and other youth who are in need.

— To advance education we provide

  • Books, equipment and educational aids to students attending school in developing countries and youth who are in need.
  • Publicly available scholarships, bursaries, or other forms of financial assistance to orphans and other individuals who are poor or in need to be used for primary, elementary or secondary education.


2023 News

Some incredible news to report!! Responding to the urgent need for safe, clean water for the  100 girls and the rest of the personnel at the Orphanage, a collaboration between the Stampede Calgary Rotary Club and the Rotary Club of Gayaza in Uganda joined forces to raise money and hire the expertise for the drilling and installation of a borehole well and the infrastructure to channel the water to the orphanage. Through his hard work and impeccable fundraising skills, Ted Stack, a member of the Stampede Calgary Rotary Club, worked tirelessly to secure the initial funding. As time passed, it was apparent that  the project needed more funds. In response,  Ted continued to raise more financial support from  his personal friends, family and local foundations in Calgary, Canada. Through his commitment, he was able to raise the required financial resources, starting with the launch of the project in November 2022 with an estimated completion of the water project at the end of January, 2023.

To all those generous donors, our hearts are overflowing with gratitude! You will agree, these pictures capture the excitement and joy as safe and clean water comes to Our Lady of Kibeho Orphanage!!

WATER – A Fundamental Right!

The month of January and February are for planting seedlings, since there is
rain. Fruits and vegetables from the farm have helped the Orphanage to
provide nutritional balanced diet meals now that prices of food items
have gone up.

Unfortunately, there has been several cases of sickness (Malaria) i.e.,
coughs, Typhoid, bacterial infections and diarrhea which was caused by
the contaminated water sources. The nurse continues to mobilize all the
medical resources at her disposal to support and mitigate the issue, and
the girls living with HIV have continued to receive their HIV/AIDS
Antiretroviral drugs. Thank you for your support in helping us hire a
nurse. But in order to sufficiently address the problem the is an urgent
need to a acquire a clean water (H2O) source.

To keep a healthy child and community, the management of the orphanage has been making efforts to mobilise for resources to have a water borehole/well drilled and installed at the orphanage.

You can help to ensure these precious girls receive the basic human right of safe, clean readily accessible water. Make a donation now!

(August 9th. 2022)


Honouring Our Lady of Kibeho Orphanage

At 10:00 a.m. on Saturday October 16,2021, the board of Our Lady of Kibeho Orphanage Foundation led a prayer hour at St. Alphonsus Church in Edmonton with the desire of asking Our Lady and her Son Jesus to support us in meeting the needs of the girls in the orphanage in Uganda. We did so linked to the girls in the orphanage by Zoom who were also praying at 7:00 p.m. their time. They sang some songs for us, and swayed to the music they were playing. It was a heart-warming event.

That evening the High Level bridge was lit up in honour of the 7th anniversary of the beginning of the Foundation for the orphanage here in Edmonton. It was lit up in blue red and yellow, the colors of our logo. We include pictures of the sign announcing the event, and of the bridge that night. Our thanks go to those who attended the prayer service.


  • As a small, young charity, we are always thankful for donations of time, skills, and knowledge. Some possible areas in which you could contribute include:

    • Join our board
    • Assist our administration
    • Maintain our online presence
    • Spread the word

    To discuss opportunities to donate your time and expertise, please contact us.


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